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Total CRM has a proven process to streamline your CRM implementation. Having a professional implementation can provide numerous benefits, including:

    • Reduced implementation time
    • Agreed Pricing
    • Improved overall quality
    • Increased staff acceptance
    • Eliminate unnecessary overhead
Minimise Uncertainty
Speed of Rollout
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    Reasons Why Our Implementations are Best for You

    Our professional edge includes industry skills mastery, ability and willingness to embrace new technologies and more time driving value. We are fully productive from day one, making our CRM implementations stand out.


    Connect with Customers

    The main purpose of a CRM system is to support a business in engaging its customers. CRM creates a single truth about each relationship that is accessible from a consistent interface wherever people work.

    As a result, CRM users are empowered to deliver a responsive service and delight customers which ultimately contributes towards increased client retention.


    Grow Efficiently

    By better aligning people and business processes, CRM systems help organisations achieve greater scale and grow efficiently.

    Discover New Insights from Business Data

    With all relationship and process data available via a single interface, it means that timely, informed decisions can be made, enabling organisations to operate with increasingly greater agility.

    Connect CRM with Power BI to visualise data, follow trends, drill down to better understand performance and gain further actionable insight.

    Do Business Anywhere

    Whether you are working in your office or on the go, you have a set of productivity tools to create, edit or collaborate on the processes and business relationships that matter to you. With staff able to connect to CRM on-demand, they can immediately respond to client requests, react to leads, and manage existing accounts.

    Mobile CRM apps are fast, easy to use, intuitive, and fit a mobile lifestyle. Extending these solutions into customer-facing roles and processes will result in higher use of CRM and increasingly productive staff.

    Safeguarding Business

    Control access to your important customer and business information by securely storing data in the cloud. With advanced protection and automatic back-up, this data is protected from unexpected events.

    With data held in the cloud, CRM immediately offers significantly greater protection compared to storing customer data locally in spreadsheets or legacy on-premise applications.


    Now's the Time to Come Together

    Meet today’s challenges by bringing your customers and business together with the next generation of CRM applications.

    Modernise your internal line of business applications to meet today’s IT challenges and your rapidly changing business needs. Digital transformation starts with cloud technology and enables faster development, higher productivity, reduced costs, and more secure applications throughout your organisation.