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Why Is Customer Experience
Important for Your Business?

A positive customer experience not only results in making your customer happy, but can also lead to additional revenue. The best marketing money can buy is a customer who will promote your business, because they’ll refer their friends and associates to you, free of charge.


Thinking about customer experience will have a profound impact on how you look at your business as a whole. Creating and obsessing over a great customer experience is vital. If the customer experience you’ve created is not ideal, we can help.


The Advantage of a Positive Customer Experience

Innovative companies are trying to build long-term relationships with their customers. Customers are willing to pay more for the same products and services if they feel companies are providing extra value through interactions. Companies that provide this extra value are rewarded with long-term loyalty.

Customers are 5.2 times more likely to purchase from companies with a positive customer experience.
92% of consumers rely on recommendations from their friends and families.
89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience.

Best Practices for Great Customer Experience

The largest hurdle to customer experience is not knowing customers well enough to deliver relevant offers and personalised experiences. Gaining a complete, individual view of customers is key, which means that your customer data cannot be in silos or other systems.


Create Memorable Experiences

Help customers interact with you in new ways. Experiential marketing involves feelings, senses, thoughts, actions and relations. Experiences that are holistic include people’s lives and conversations, and get them talking about you and your products in a positive way.


Ongoing Improvement

Be disciplined with customer experience improvement. Improve small things but keep an eye out for big improvements; customer expectations are constantly rising. Businesses need to keep innovating and improving their service, or risk being left behind.


All Stakeholders on Board

Get all stakeholders involved and on board with customer experience improvement. Internal changes need to be made, and all internal stakeholders aligned around delivering a positive customer experience.


Align Strategy

Align business and brand strategy with customer experience. Relate brand promise to what employees do and what customers experience day-to-day. Brands need to tell a coherent and authentic story, and customer experience needs to adhere to that brand story consistently across all touchpoints.


Get Immediate Feedback

The best way to capture customer feedback is right after you deliver it. Consider post-interaction surveys that can be delivered in real-time through CRM via emails or phone calls.


Encourage Engagement

The quickest path to a better customer experience is engagement. Customer interactions need to be created that produce engagement. Ask questions to start conversations, take quick polls, ask for feedback, and comment on blogs, chats, and forums.

Do You Want to Deliver a Positive Customer Experience?

Our team consists of a select group of customer experience professionals, who have been involved in the field for a number of years.


    A Better Customer Experience Means Better Business

    • Turn angry customers into loyal advocates.
    • Get more people to recommend you.
    • Boost customer satisfaction by satisfying your employees.
    • Focus on profitable customers whether they’re loyal or not.
    • Invest in CRM for your business.
    • Increase your customers’ lifetime value.