Data Migration


Export Data

Data migration starts with extracting data from your existing systems. They may just be Excel files, but we can also extract from other CRM systems, database tables, and cloud servers.


Data Cleansing

We turn your raw data into a gold mine of value. We analyse the quality of your data, then identify incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant data and replace, modify, or delete it as per your requirements.


Merge & Deduplicate

We follow your matching and merging rules to ensure no duplicates are missed. We can combine multiple records, merging any field in order to create an accurate master record.


Import Data

Finally, the data needs to be imported into CRM, against the right entity but linked to other entities in the system. For example, Contacts must be linked to Accounts, and Activities must be linked to Contacts.

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Your Data is Probably a Mess

Almost every organisation’s data is a mess in the beginning, and this is what we assume when we engage with you. Duplicates and inconsistent or incomplete data are common culprits for the mess. When you have more than 5% duplicates and numerous inconsistencies, things start to get “dirty”. Searches don’t work properly and reports begin to fail. The data has to be cleaned, and this takes time.

Data deduplication is important, and this can be done post-migration, reducing the overall cost. The bigger challenge, however, is addressing data inconsistencies and incompletions, which are more difficult to fix globally and must be resolved prior to migration if records are to be matched up properly.


Leave Data Migration to the Last Minute at Your Peril

Planning and data quality go hand in hand when it comes to data integration and migration. However, the moving of data is often an afterthought, as the business is more involved with implementing the new system. Data migration is not outside of the scope.  The data itself will become your responsibility once the system has been implemented.

Data migration may not be the most exciting part of setting up your shiny new CRM, but it is every bit as important as the design and building of the system; you cannot have one without the other.