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Dynamics 365 - MailChimp Connector

What is the Total CRM Dynamics MailChimp Connector?

If you want to send bulk emails to your Dynamics 365 Marketing List and save not just general statistics, but each individual activity against your Contacts, Leads, and Accounts in Dynamics 365, then the TotalCRM MailChimp Connector was made for you! This marketing automation add-on seamlessly connects MailChimp with Dynamics 365, allowing you to easily track bulk emails in Dynamics 365 per Contact, Lead and Account.


The Dynamics MailChimp Connector is a tool that connects the powerful and robust third-party bulk email platform, MailChimp, with Dynamics 365. Use static or dynamic CRM marketing lists to send out bulk emails such as newsletters, special offers and more. It can track each individual bulk email activity such as each send, delivery, open, click, bounce and unsubscribe back to each contact, lead or account.


Dynamics MailChimp Connector helps your organisation harness the power of the world-class marketing automation suite Mailchimp with sales automation using Dynamics 365 CRM, to expedite your campaign activities.


It is designed to seamlessly share the contact information verified by the sales reps, from Dynamics 365 to Mailchimp, saving the marketing team’s time and effort by focussing only on the qualified/verified leads for campaign activities.

Key Features

  • Every contact and lead is synced and identified
  • D365 creates leads and contacts in your list in Mailchimp
  • D365 Updated Email and Name details for any synced leads/contacts is synced to Mailchimp
  • Schedule auto sync or manually at any time if you wish

What does it do?

Send beautiful, rich, HTML emails without needing any HTML knowledge by using MailChimp’s robust template editor
Use CRM information to create dynamic content in your templates using merge tags

Why should you use it?

  • Its a robust but more affordable alternative to Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing or ClickDimensions
  • Be proactive with your lead and prospect information
  • Anyone interested increasing sales and reaching out to customers and prospects before their competitors get to them first!
  • Manage your send lists in one place – no need to export/import
  • Emails are sent from MailChimp’s email routers
  • Activities are tracked back in CRM instead of in a separate system
  • Send beautiful HTML emails easily

• Subscribers are synced from CRM over to MailChimp ONLY (not from MailChimp back to CRM)
• Marketing lists can be manually synced, or will automatically sync on a schedule (usually daily)
• You create the email template you want to send inside of MailChimp.
• Once the email is sent from MailChimp, activities are immediately synced from MailChimp back to CRM


• Only required to sync contacts
• Push button in CRM for sync -``Sync Now``
o All new marketing list contacts in CRM will sync to Mailchimp
o Remove contacts from Mailchimp that are no longer in CRM marketing list
o Unsubscribe in Mailchimp will tick ``Mailchimp Unsubscribe`` in CRM
o Resubscribe in Mailchimp will untick ``Mailchimp Unsubscribe`` in CRM
o ``Do not allow bulk emails`` in CRM will remove a contact in Mailchimp


• Only require the below fields. No functionality to customise fields required.
• Fields to sync
o First Name
o Last Name
o State
o Email
o Product Type (Fixed list of Option Set Values)
o Business Type (Fixed list of Option Set Values)
o Do not allow bulk emails
o Owner


• Show all emails which have been sent, regardless of delivery status
• Only need to show the subject of the email
• Auto sync every 24 hours
o All emails sent in last 24 hours will create activities in CRM


• New 'Mailchimp Unsubscribe' field
o Field is ticked when unsubscribe is done through Mailchimp
o View to display all Mailchimp unsubscribe records


Included in the ongoing agreement is any maintenance required due to changes in Mailchimp or Dynamics to ensure the program continues to work.
One, 30-minute training session will be provided on delivery to cover product functionality and configuration.
Not included are any changes to field requirements or any additional features not listed above in functionality section.

Start Now

The cost of the program will be $600 exc. GST for initial setup and configuration.
There will be an ongoing support agreement (see ‘included in agreement’) of $250/month exc. GST.
There is a minimum 12-month commitment, commencing from the first support agreement invoice.

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