Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey


Digital Transformation: Evolving the Art of Customer Engagement

Most organisations are adopting technology to some degree to drive customer engagement. Where they are in their digital transformation journey varies depending on their views and behaviours regarding technology adoption.


Where Are You on Your Digital Transformation Journey?

  • Sceptics – Organisations that have yet to begin a digital transformation journey are embracing technological tools that, while they may seem rudimentary, are invaluable to their sales teams. However, they are hesitant to increase their adoption of technology that creates opportunities to drive deeper customer engagement. Their hesitation often stems from cultural approaches to business.
  • Followers – They start to see the benefits of moving beyond introductory tools and adopting technologies like CRM tools to increase productivity, reimagining the capabilities of their teams. While businesses in this stage believe in productivity tools to help their teams, they hesitate to adopt further technologies, often due to frustration.
  • Strivers – This is where organisations start to see a cultural shift in the way they view and approach technology, with leaders prioritising digital transformation as an organisation-wide initiative, garnering support from the top down. Strivers are characterised by their willingness to adopt tried and true technologies proven to drive customer engagement, but they lack rapid innovation and experimentation.
  • Drivers – Drivers constantly experiment with advanced technologies and seek every opportunity to engage customers and gain a competitive advantage. Drivers of digital transformation are evolving the art of customer engagement, using technology to complement what they’re already doing to effectively engage customers and drive sales.

Digital Transformation and Revenue Growth

It turns out that there may be a direct correlation between digital transformation and revenue growth. You’ll see in the following graph that organisations from the May 2016 Microsoft survey identifying as Technology Drivers enjoyed a 50% increase in revenue growth:


On the other hand, organisations reluctant to evolve on their digital transformation journey, whether that be due to cultural barriers, issues with internal technology adoption, lack of support from senior management or other reasons,  missed out on opportunities for revenue growth.

It Starts With You

Digitally transforming your organisation is an evergreen journey. It’s an ongoing process that needs to become part of your organisation’s culture, and it requires commitment and initiation from leaders like you.

You have the power to influence change. When your team have tools that can help them be even more effective in engaging customers, driving sales and growing revenue, the benefits of digital transformation will be clear to them, to you and to the entire organisation.