Sales Management


Buying Is a Journey - Empower Your Sales Staff to Lead the Way

Your customers are changing the rules of the game. They want experiences, and that includes frictionless transactions. But that isn’t enough. Go beyond transactions and interactions to give your customers unique experiences that build trust. Transform the sales experience with CRM.


How CRM Sales Management Can Help You
Close More Deals

CRM can support the customer buying journey, smarter working, informed decision making and improved performance.

Build relationships with authentic and personal interactions

Unify relationship data to build trust and easily manage relationships at scale. Get profiles and insights, keep track of contacts and visualise relationships among contacts, collaborate and personalise sales documents with embedded Office 365 tools, see the customer’s point of view, and improve sales engagement.

Although the business world has grown increasingly digital, people will always be inclined to buy from a company that they know, and that knows them.

Free up more time for selling

Minimise routine tasks, concentrate on selling, spend less time searching, and reduce training with a business process that provides guidance during every phase of your sales cycle.

Improve coordination between sales and marketing, collaborate on deals, minimise manual data entry, and streamline workflow with modern mobile applications and familiar tools like Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint that work seamlessly with CRM.


Accelerate sales performance

Streamline planning and increase forecast accuracy, promote sales pipeline accountability, and help sales managers drive performance with deal insights, analytics, and intelligence. Discover emerging customer needs, competitive dynamics and market trends, proactively identify at-risk deals, gain visibility into conversations, and provide feedback.

Help your sales team reach its full potential with CRM.

Innovate with flexible solutions that grow with your business

Accelerate time to market by quickly adapting CRM, automating workflows, analysing data, and easily building custom apps. Easily deliver insights to your sales team and customise insights to fit your sales process.

Reduce the cost and complexity of your operating infrastructure and safeguard your data. Transform the end-to-end customer journey by unifying your marketing, sales, and service data.

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    Customers Are Transforming With Sales Management

    How do you take your sales approach to the next level?

    Take a look at what you’re doing today and see where there’s room for improvement. As you win over more and more customers, you must find creative ways to deliver a consistent and satisfying experience using your existing resources.


    Consolidate your data so that you don’t have to deal with multiple sources of truth. Stay out in front of risk by developing an early warning system that lets you identify obstacles before they start costing your business.


    In the end, you make your customers successful by anticipating their needs and moving obstacles out of their way. Be proactive, not reactive; customers recognise and appreciate the difference.