Getting started with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

The thought of learning a CRM system can be daunting. I recently have undergone this process when starting a new position at Total CRM and learning Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. A whole new world with virtually limitless functions, it can be very hard to know where to start. I am going to share with you how I began finding my way around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and give you a head start in a successful implementation.

Step One

The first activity I undertook was exploring the “sandbox”. A sandbox is a separate instance to your production CRM and can be thought of as a test version. This allows for testing in a safe environment without any effect on your actual CRM system. The best part is, when you purchase Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online you will be provided with a free sandbox version.

Once you are in the sandbox, explore all the different tabs. Everything is optimized so finding what you are looking for is simple. Click on everything and leave no stone unturned. The sandbox is great to see where everything leads and to mentally build those connections.

Create Database

After I had a good understanding of where everything was located, I began creating a complete mock database. Starting at “Accounts” I worked all the way through a sales process. From creating quotes, right down to closing the deal. Depending on staff roles, knowledge of only certain aspects may be required. If you are overseeing the CRM system, make sure you work through each of the processes, so you have a solid grasp of each. One important note is to build from the top down – an Account should be created prior to the creation of Contacts. This is so we can link the Contacts to the Account.

Time to Implement

Once you feel you have a good grasp of the pathways and functions, it’s now time to implement all you’ve learnt into your production CRM system!

If all this seems daunting, you could always get one of our Senior Consultants out to run through a training session with you and your staff. Interact with the experts to leave no gaps in your knowledge!